Thursday, April 09, 2009

I finished up the crocheting but didn't get everything written until this morning. I still need to add the photos when I get home and then proof what I've written. I did some things wrong with the first one which explains why I had to wing it at other points. LOL! I changed the basic pillow to something simpler in the second version plus I added scalloping at the back pocket. I've also got several more points in the edging than was called for in the original pattern. I really didn't see any other way to work it. The only thing that is the same as the original is the center rose and the leaves and the way the points on the edging are made. Those are the parts that make it pretty though.

In the meantime, I've emailed Annie's Attic to get permission to use the pattern. Sure hope they respond soon!

I've been busier at work these days since I get around a lot better. I'm back to full duty but I avoid doing too many stairs and will start some PT next week. Progress continues on my roof between rains and other issues. I stopped at the grocery tonight and am really tired now. I need to test-crochet the rose instructions and I also need to do my taxes. I'd rather sleep! I'll do the test-crochet though and if I have time, I'll look at my taxes. I was disappointed in what I estimated last week and I think that's why I keep putting them off. I've never put them off this long before.


  1. pretty crocheted pieces. the pink and green is very sweet, love it.

  2. Those thread crochet sachets are just beautiful! Nice work, Gina!

    Happy Easter! :)


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