Sunday, April 26, 2009

**Just an added note that the teapot bookmark is an adaptation of the square teapot in Martha Ess's new book which can be ordered here: on Martha's website!

I think I'm done playing around with this piece. If I decide to use it, I'll remove the blue/green flower and replace it with something more color coordinated. LOL! I'm ready to get started on the "real" ones for the exchange. JoAnn Fabrics had a great 50% off sale this week, including coupons for 50% off which I didn't even get to use because everything I bought was already on sale. I have tons of fabric already but I couldn't resist picking up a few fat quarters while ideas blossomed in my head.

I'm trying hard to declutter and made a small effort with it late last night by going through a stack of books and magazines. I bought this book from the Half-Price bookstore which is a birthday calendar book. I think I was going to use the pictures and quotes inside but it's in such great shape that I can't bear to cut into it so I decided to give it to a coworker who grows wonderful flowers and shares them with us in the office.

I also tatted her this teapot bookmark to go with it. It took me less than an hour and a half to tat the whole thing and I used 4 yards on each shuttle which included the tail. I kept track of all my changes, yardage and how long it took as a reference for future tattings. This is just such a nice quick tat gift and I like those.

This is a Monica Hahn angel from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns. I've never liked the pointy wings on her angels although I love the rest of the design. Someday I'll fit them with new wings. LOL! I used beads on this one too which don't show up all that well in the scan but they added a nice touch. The thread is Omega size 30.


  1. The beads show up well when you click on the picture. They're a very good match to the thread. I've got that book too but have never made anything from it - yet!!

  2. Your puzzle piece looks really nice. I like your idea of making sure the tatting coordinates with the rest of the colors.

    How fun that you made a bookmark with that teapot! The angel is made in a lovely blue. I'm with you on the pointy wing things, too! I am kind of picky about angels! LOL! :)

  3. I think I've never tatted this angel because of the pointy wings, but I didn't realize why until just now! I love the puzzle piece, but I'm not ambitious enough to try making one. The teapot bookmark is adorable!

  4. This was one of my early tatting books and I've tatted quite a bit out of it. I got it for the flat butterfly which is what Sharon Briggs used in her bridal headpiece. I started it but didn't finish - I was still so new to tatting that it wasn't working out well for me. I need to try it again!

  5. I am interested to see the puzzle when all the pieces are put together. I love the teapot bookmark! Super cute.

  6. Love the teapot bookmark! It really caught my eye.

  7. I'm a sucker for white..... I love the little doily. So pretty..
    Fox : )

  8. Teapot bookmark! Must be the first, so cute!

  9. That tea pot is a special cutie.
    I have been doing the machine sewing bit to try and finish off some quilts.
    Think I need some hand sewing too......mind you have lots of Dresden petals to applique on.
    Love that butterfly button, how it glows. Hugs
    Ps: my green !!! lawn is being mowed. It is really green.
    Autumn is lovely and cold this year.

  10. I am in love with teapot bookmark.!! It sounds great that JoAnn Fabrics had a great 50% off sale.


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