Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tea for Everybody!

If you follow my blog much, you know I collect tea-for-one pots, the all-in-one combination of teapot and cup that makes just enough tea for one person. I'm not the perfect brewer and I only like a few flavored teas, like spearmint and chai, beyond the regular everyday normal tea. I am not a tea expert by any means, but I do collect infusers and spoons and just whatever appeals to me in the line of teas. So when I first got a peek at one of Martha's teapots, I couldn't wait to tat one!

When I inquired about the pattern and found out she was designing a whole book of teapot patterns, I was just plain giddy! When she asked me if I would be interested in test-tatting a pattern or two, I was in heaven!

I've test-tatted for Martha before and her patterns and diagrams are a delight to work with. I was amazed at how very few mistakes there were and how easy they were to read and follow. I've only seen the patterns I tested, which you can see below, but I would highly recommend this book based on that alone.

You can find ordering information on her blog or her website.

I've done this one in a solid color and also with the rose contrasting the pot color. I love this one. The 2 color version actually went to Connie Angeline, one of the monthly anniversary winners but I asked her not to show it at the time.

I think this is my next favorite (until I see the other patterns!). I made one all in one color and then I made this one in 2 colors, which I plan to frame and hang in my kitchen.

And this little number is perfect for that special doll or dollhouse setting.

The color combinations are endless! While I used a varigated thread for the main color and pink for contrast, you can't see the contrast as well as in Martha's pink/red version. I can't wait to see how everyone tats up their own once they get the book!


  1. Very cute! Her teapot patterns are adorable. I'm not one for figurative tatting, but I like how Martha doesn't lose the tatting~lacy "feel" or look in her teapot patterns. They are darling!

  2. I can't wait to receive my book... and I hardly ever drink tea!

  3. Like TattingChic, I generally do not gravitate toward figurative tatting (so why, you ask do I have a flying gosling in my avatar? good question), but I have always had a weakness for teapots. To me, they symbolise friendship. Martha's teapots are top notch thread art enclosed in a teapot shape. I love the ones you posted and am looking forward to receiving the book.

  4. Boy Gina,
    Love those tea pots! You did a great job tatting them! I like Martha Ess's work too. Lucky you getting to test tat them... I sure would like to do that someday... well when I have more time on my hands..
    I hope to see you at Hector this year? Do let me know..
    Have a good evening..

  5. Those are all awesome. Wouldn't it be cool to have a whole wall with shelves for your tea for ones with a few breaks in the shelving for framed tatting on the wall? I can visualize it on that wall where your phone hangs :-)

  6. What a lucky little goddess you are getting to test tat all those teapots! You did a great job. I can't wait to get my book! I do love my tea.


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