Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 10/27/09

Who knew? The Tat Rap by The Tat Mafia

NOTE: Please REVIEW this before playing in hearing distance of children!!!! You may not want them exposed to some language.

That said, I'm totally unprepared for today's TTT. I have an angel scanned that I tatted for my good friend Paula Vitello whose birthday is today. She has the angel now but I didn't upload it before I left for work this morning.

So...I was going to show you the links to some of my favorite tea sites but then I found this video, which I think is amusing, so I decided to post it instead. I teafed it (teaf being a word from a non-tatting friend meaning to steal it from someone else's blog) from Tea Guy Speaks. You knew something like this had to come from a guy, didn't you? Actually, now that I look at his blog more, he has all kinds of videos on there about tea and music!

I guess I'll show the angel in another post. I'm also on my 6th row of the beaded bag. I test tatted another motif from the design tat course, but have not worked on my own drawing as I expected to do. My bad. I've been really tired lately for some reason. Must be the Autumn Haze coming over me. LOL!

I started physical therapy on my ankle and I'm amazed at how much better I'm walking in just days. No wonder people kept remarking that I was limping.

Well...off to an inspection!


  1. Miranda11:35 AM

    That rap is hilarious!

  2. lol that is too funny I LOVE IT!

  3. Oh sweet mercy! That rap is a riot!
    Thanks for sharing it. It really made me grin wickedly with mock-shock and awe.

    And now I have the music stuck in my head. Take that, coffee snobs!

  4. The Tea Rap Rocks! So clever! Thanks for posting!
    Fox : )

  5. GINA, Oh My, now I'm going to have that diddy stuck in my head too!! Thanks for jump starting my day... Forget the coffee, I'm going to get me some tea!! LOL!


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