Friday, November 11, 2011

#22 of 25 Motif Challenge

Update: Only the patterns tatted in each post will be linked. I have them done but only Figure 15 was posted today. Once I am through the challenge, each individual pattern will be here, but today's is only Figure 15. There has been some confusion about that!

This is what prompted me to do the 25 Motif Challenge again. I loved these medallions from the DMC Tatting Library. I actually tatted all 7 of these and will now show them to finish up my challenge. They won't be presented quite the same since I've already written them up but I am creating the numbered photos for the diagrams for these posts. I've also provided a link to the written text which has the more subtle tips and notes that the diagrams don't show. They are also available by link in my left sidebar under the patterns.

These are the original medallions (8 points is not a snowflake but I would use them as snowflakes anyway) as shown in Plate III.

This is Figure 15 in the original.

Here are the numbered segments. I've not shown how I did the needlelace in the center. To be honest, I don't remember how the instructions created those bars to add the needlelace unless they were stitched in later. In my adaptation, I did not use them. I started at the red dot to make the first ring and then ended with a split ring to climb out to the next round of chains.

The figure to the right is a beaded version and you can see I did not add the needlelace center there. All are done in size 20 White DMC Special Cordonnet.

You can access the PDF file HERE and it includes the diagram above as well as a detailed explanation of which shuttle does what, when to switch shuttles, how to add beads to the 2nd version and any little quirks I noted. I will double up on some of the posts to include all 7 in my final four motifs for the challenge but I hope you can take advantage of these for the upcoming holidays. They really are so pretty!


  1. Ooooh, what a LOT of work you've put into these but they're so well worth it. I've had this book for many, many years and looked at it on many occasions but have never dared start in on it. I may well do that now, thanks to your hard work. Thank you for bringing my book to life.

  2. I really must pull this book off the shelf and look at the patterns more closely. You have done a fabulous job of re-creating this pattern with modern terminology. Thank you, Gina! Maybe I'll get a chance to try it out today... I'm going to take time to tat!

  3. Nice work, Gina!
    Fox : )

  4. These do look lovely and I can imagine them covering a Christmas tree! Thanks for the file: I plan to tat some for the holidays.

  5. these snowflakes are really pretty! thanks to all your hardwork, we can now tat these with easy-to-follow steps. thanks for sharing, gina!

  6. Those look really great! :)

  7. Grandma tatted these from this I am very excited to give these a go! Thankyou!!!

  8. thank you Gina for the PDF !


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