Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#23 of 25 Motif Challenge

I'm posting Figures 16 and 17 of Plate III for Motif #23 of the Challenge. This way I can fit all the medallions of Plate III in.

The original photo.

It really does help to read the pdf file which is linked later in this post and also in the sidebar. I started with a paperclip on a chain for the center. Yeah, cut and tie but the next part is also started with a paperclip on a chain with 2 shuttles.

The red star shows where I began on this segment. It continues on around but I wanted to highlight just the one segment.

And here it is completed!

Here's the link to the pattern: Plate III Figure 16 Medallion Pattern

Here's the original photo for Figure 17.

The diagram and again, the pdf is very helpful as it gets a bit fiddly with rings thrown off chains.

And the pattern is linked here: Plate III Figure 17 Medallion Pattern


  1. Ooh! Another pretty medallion! You are again tempting me to abandon projects that need to be finished, but I will restrain myself. Instead, I'll just expand my to-do list! : )

  2. Those are very pretty. What software do you use to put the numbers on the pictures?

  3. JB - I just use "paint" for the numbers. Nothing special but it gets the job done. I'd rather draw a diagram but I just don't have the time right now to do that.

  4. Hi, Gina,
    I am not sure why you started with a paperclip. (I have not had my coffee yet and I could not even spell 'paperclip' for a sec, so please bear with me!)

    Could you not have begun with a mock picot followed by a split ring to the second row?

    With me, there is probably something I am just not seeing that is obvious...
    Fox : )

  5. Oh - maybe you are replicating them as they were originally done?

  6. Both look really great! :)


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