Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mirror Mirror Inspirations

I really didn't notice the Mirror Mirror bookmark in Martha Ess's new book, Playing With Picots as it wasn't one I test-tatted and it's further back in the book than I've tatted so far. But then, I saw Wendy's tatting of it, which you can check out HERE and HERE!.

One of my early disappointments with Lizbeth thread was the way the colorway tatted out. Some were only 2 color but looked like more on the ball and they didn't do much for the tatted design. They've gotten better and it is obvious they are taking a cue from our talented HDT makers. I've noticed several very similar colorways lately - so don't forget our wonderful HDT dyers!

So, I'm very careful about which variegated threads I choose for tatting. I've actually gotten rid of many I don't care for - like all my Altin Basak variegated. I love the solids, but not the variegated. I'm not crazy about Omega variegates either but I love the solids - brilliant, bright colors! We're lucky to be in a the mainstream of so many new color variations these days. It's hard to keep up!

I got inspired by Wendy's bookmarks but wasn't going to post this one as I'm tatting it in ecru and white to paint dye on later. It looks rather bland in ecru and white. But then...before I tatted it, I discovered in #21 of the 25 motif challenge that I can add picots to and join Josephine Rings to picots. I rather like that ribbed wheel look when it's done properly and I was inspired to use the Josephine Rings in place of the regular rings Martha used. Both are fine but the name of her book IS Playing With Picots, right? So that encourages us to do the same! This is why I love vintage patterns. Between now and then, there is so much NEW to come up with! Tatting is most clearly NOT a dying art! It's a dyeing and technique art, a fiber art, a needlework art. The expansion of tatting over the past decade has been unbelievable. Don't you think? So I just wanted you to have a sneak preview of the "before" version. I plan to tat a few of these so I can play with color too.

This is tatted in J & P Coates 6 cord Mercerized in size 30 that I got from Carol Moser's estate. I didn't even realize it was 6 cord until I looked closely at the label. It tats up beautifully and I have no problem with slubs, knots or fraying - unless I frog a LOT.


  1. you always come up with the neatest Ideas Gina. I like the look of your bookmark

  2. I am wondering what kind of dye you use for your tatting? I had a bag of crocheting and tatting given to me and would like to dye them, but I have never dyed before. I would appreciate some help. Thank you. I love the pumpkin teapot!!

  3. I've seen your dyed work and it's wonderful but I LOVE this one in ecru- it's gorgeous!

  4. I have to say I agree with you about the commercial variegated threads. Not for me. I do like many of the variegated HDT's though! I too have gotten rid of many of the ones I got early in my tatting career.

    I love what you have done with this pattern. I like it in the ecru and white very much! Classy.
    Fox : )

  5. I think it looks really nice in the plain color you used. :)

  6. I think that is a fantastic idea. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  7. Thank you about mentioned the independent thread dyers. I am slowly now pushing my market for my fellow countrymen. It is very fortunate that I am close to Jon so that she can help me to promote my HDTs.

  8. I love this in the ecru and white!


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