Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The days have just been packed! I'm reading a book about tatting that I'll tell you about later, maybe tomorrow. I forgot and left it at work tonight.

This evening I put away a lot of the shopping I did on vacation. Rediscovered treasures! I got a little teapot chimes in Cape Cod. A teapot cookie cutter plus spices for tea cookies in Vermont. A book about herbs. Maple syrup. Two necklaces and a pair of earrings made from coal. One of the necklaces is a cameo made from coal. Two hanging candle holders that are completely different in Cape Cod. I have about 3 in my bedroom as it is. I got these to put in the living room though. I like hanging candles.

And here are the tea-for-ones I found on my trip. The yellow one is from Vermont. The one on the far right is one I found in an antique store in Montreal, hand painted even! The other 3 are from Cape Cod.


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