Monday, August 25, 2003

Hot Damn! I can't believe I forgot! I was sitting here on the computer thinking about posting and remembered I had a package in the mail from Georgia!!!! It's the chess set pattern!!!! Whoo-Hoo! Now, who wants to take bets on whether I can get it done for Christmas???? My son-in-law collects chess sets, so this is perfect. I also know he wants one of my tatted rosaries too.

I got busy when I got home and forgot all about opening the package. LOL! I've been in town already and bought a 2nd five drawer bin for my tatting stuff and while I was there, I saw these pearly muliticolored plastic bracelets for kids - well, I just had to buy some to do the tatting in a circle thing. Also picked up some paint cards because I want to paint a room.

Some days just can't get any better.

Oh yeah, here's the motif I was working on - nearly forgot that too!


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