Sunday, August 24, 2003

Yahoo! I'm easing back into tatting again. I finished a motif out of one of the books I bought at I.O.L.I., Tatting for the Beginner - Snowflakes, Crosses, and Edgings. Already, I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner. The 1st one I made has an error in the pattern, showing 4 repeats of 2 ds and most have a p between, but one didn't say p, so I put it in there or it would have been 4 ds between. So I ended up with 4 p that I had to continue throughout. No problem, but I can see now that the 2 ds was a repeat in error. Now I'm working on a 2nd motif and it calls for a "tie, clip" which I assume means cut and tie - but I changed it to make a mock p, since the next round starts at the p. The chain stitches are designated as "ball 4 ds". LOL! I wondered if it was from another country and then I read the very front and see these were by a woman now deceased, so I think it may be a mixture of old and new techniques melded into one woman's way of expression. The patterns are nice, but I think it would be difficult for a beginner to work out. So here is the 1st motif and I wondered what I could do with it? Ta-Da! I stuck a ribbon through it for an instant bookmark, but what I would really do is make a series of these motifs, attaching them at the appropriated picots, and then thread the ribbon through. Or use a wider ribbon. This one slips through too easily.

The one I am working on now is red and size 50 Flora so it should be smaller. It's a sort of flower shape. I'm looking for something suitable to put in a small frame. That reminds me, I bought some 5 x 7 frames in Cape Cod with a shell motif on the frame, so I'm looking for a suitable motif for that and just thought of one! Jane's seahorse! And there are several fish motifs. Now what about color? The frames are a sand color. I don't know where I want to put them yet either.

My youngest son just moved out so my entire house is going to be slowly revamped. Who knows where my craft room will end up? Might as well be the living room! LOL!


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