Friday, August 29, 2003

I just found a new source for tatting instructions. Not only tatting, but just about any needleart you can think of, including how to make your own whip and hammock, and including Japanese links. All these things too! Didn't you always want to know how to make and wear a sarong??

Instructions for Sewing Yukata (Unlined Kimono)
Making the Rubakha Pattern (Russian garment)
Simplistic Instructions on How to Make a Kilt
Making a Mongol Coat
Making Turko-Mongol Trousers or Turko-Persian Pants
How to Tie Headtie and Wrapper
How to Tie and Wear a Sarong
Sarong Ties, Uses, etc....
Ways to Wear Sarongs or Pareos
How To Make A Skyrong (sarong wrap skirt)


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