Friday, August 29, 2003

It looks like I have the twin towers in my living room. Both 5 drawer storage bins are there while I sort tatting stuff into them. One is for threads, the other for everything else you use in tatting, except for the books. I'm wondering if I can really fit everything in them. They are also on wheels, which is very convenient. I could conceivably roll them to wherever I'm tatting and not be jumping up and down looking for this and that.

One drawer is absolutely stuffed with size 20 thread. I don't think I can get any more into it and I found 4 more balls last night. And I still haven't sorted the stuff in my bedroom. Most of that is supplies, but I know there is thread in there too.

I'm putting all the beads in one drawer. I'm not sure my compartmentalized container will fit. I think it is too long.

I'm putting frames and other ways to display tatting in another drawer.

Which reminds me, I bought a clear glass lidded vase at Walmart yesterday. They also have a shorter version, more like an apothecary jar with a flat lid. I think I can put a small tatted motif in the lid and then potpourri in the jar!!! Or maybe decorative soaps - I got all that soap making stuff for Xmas and have only made soap once. Time to get busy again. I used the blue motif I posted earlier to test my theory last night. I need to make some kind of cardboard base circle underneath to hold it in place and just have a receipt wadded up in there right now, but the colored cardboard/tagboard will work nicely.

Tatting Day with The Heirloom Corner on the 6th. I need to send my registration fee in and get busy decorating a shuttle. Ooooh, oooh - ideas are jumping into my head!!


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