Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Here's the hat tatted in Venus size 40. The thread has a tendency to kink when winding on the shuttle and in retro-tatting it, I found that it split more often than not. Still, the hat tatted up very nicely. The bunny was given to me this afternoon by a friend that I spent a few very pleasant hours with. The hat pattern is from Tatsy book Tatting. I updated the first few rounds, using a split ring and split chain to bridge out of the first few rounds. After that, I still had to cut and tie. The hat is actually from the basket pattern in that book. You can use it for both. I believe Administrative Professional's Day is next week......wonder if I have time to tat a few baskets as gifts?

Nah..............I need to be working on animals. I still haven't found my alligator pattern.


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