Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well now we have an alligator to add to the mix! I've made this fellow before. He comes from Kate's Kritters which is no longer in print. The only place I've seen it is from I.O.L.I.'s lending library. I'm starting the parrot now, doing the wings in HH Flora variegated - a purple-blue- reddish mix. Exactly one ring so far. I am exceptionally tired tonight. I've been busy ever since I got home.

Last night I started a painting class with a coworker. I love painting as much as tatting. They are truly my favorite passions. (well, men, but that's different). Right now we're doing watercolor.

Okay, 2 rings on the wing now. I'm tatting and writing too.

No scrapbooking with my sis tonight. Her hubby is an accountant and tonight they celebrate the end of the tax season deadline. Of course, he has deadlines throughout the year, but this is the busiest and hardest on them. We'll probably start back up next week.

That's it for tonight.

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  1. This Alligator is AMAZING! Should you be able to make one for sale, I'd love to purchase one!

    Anita from Lake Charles, LA


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