Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I was remembering last night that I have to have the storybook done by Saturday. That means I need to finish the parrot and one more animal.....hmmmmmmmm.....I have a rocking horse that I tatted some time back from Kate's Kritters. I could just use that if need be. In fact, I think I will. Maybe I will make additional pages in the book to add to later.

I worked more on the parrot last night, finished the long tail feathers which are all split rings. Now, I have 6 more ends to hide, along with the original 6 that were still out, plus the ones coming with the beak and twig and feet. This doesn't count the half dozen or so that I've already hidden. This thread is a little finer, size 40, and it's more tedious to hide it. Now, you wouldn't think anything of it if it were an heirloom bonnet, but did you ever hear of an heirloom story book? This is only one freakin' bird. LOL! I have to say, anyone who has tatted this bird/bookmark and given it away has just gone up 150% in my admiration of them! The segments are not hard at all, but all that finishing off..........well, it's for the birds. And I don't normally mind hiding ends. I prefer to hide them than to glue the ends. I'm not a gluer.

A long day............a friend flew into Indy for some training so I went to meet her tonight and have dinner. Very tired now.

Tomorrow's another day.


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