Monday, April 19, 2004

This is as far as I got on the parrot. I hope to do the tailfeathers and other details tonight. I'm not fond of all the cut & ties in this pattern but haven't figured out how to avoid it. I managed one fix on the throat, but that's it so far. I messed up on the wing tip. There is a section of chains that are meant to be straight, so I did the lockstitch chain because it comes out nice and straight, but it's also longer. I stopped before the required number of stitches, but it still seems a bit long and curves. Blocking will fix it, but..........pooh! I think it would have been better to stick with th original pattern. I've already hidden at least 5-6 threads and I've still got these to hide, plus those from what I tat next.

I started the same motif Chantel did from Lyn Morton's book in Oliver Twist. That thread must be size 80. It's going to be a very small and delicate tatting when done, probably no more than 1 1/2" wide.

I really like this kind of tatting shuttle. I have one - and I remember there was something I didn't like about winding the thread on it, but otherwise, it felt great in the hand and the hook is perfect. I'd like to get one of the striped ones someday..........soon!

Here you can learn how to wind a shuttle, but it leaves a little to be desired. After much tying of knots, I learned you can make a slipknot and just slip it over the shuttle post and tighten it, hold the end and start winding. Never wind past the edges of the shuttle. I see them on Ebay all the time with the thread hanging over the edges like an overfed cat. It damages the shuttle. Another plus about using the slipknot is when you get to the end of the thread, a little tug pulls it right off the shuttle. You don't have to dig out the scissors and cut it off. I really don't mind winding a shuttle. It would be as much trouble to take a bobbin out and set the sewing machine up and wind it that way. You have no idea how much trouble I have just winding a sewing machine bobbin for sewing. What I really dislike is unwinding the shuttle. The clovers aren't too bad because you can put those on the shuttle winders available from the UK and just pull the thread, turning the shuttle in reverse!

Some people feel you need to "walk" the thread on a shuttle. I think you've got a less than satisfactory thread if you need to do that. I've had a few that wanted to kink and twist, but most go on without any problems and tat up nicely. I use my metal thread winder quite a bit too. Especially if I'm not filling the shuttle!

Smiley Central has some new smilies! Thought Joy from Australia might like this one and it also related to the alligator I just finished...........even tho this is a crocidile!


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