Friday, April 23, 2004

I finished up a lot of things last night. These footprints are new, but they didn't take long at all. I'll put them on the front of the baby storybook. Instructions are here. Instructions are for needle tatting but it's the same exact thing for shuttle and ball.

Many thanks to Gail for reminding that since I'm sewing these critters into a fabric book, I can just pull the tied off threads to the back and fasten them off there. Sure is saving me a lot of finishing. Most tatting does not have the number of threads to hide that this parrot does.

Here's the motif from Lyn Morton's book tatted in Oliver Twist. I should have scanned it with a quarter so you can see how small it is, but I was in a hurry this morning. I'll show Chantel's version tomorrow with the Valdani thread. I'll also have the rocking horse that I'm using for the book. I think I have it in a past blog entry too.

Tomorrow is Tatting Guild in Greenfield, Indiana. We're working on a Lisa Trumble motif that involves split rings. I may have to leave early to make it to the baby shower in Lafayette on time. I still haven't finished the tulip from our last meeting, 2 months ago. Last month was Lace Day in Mooresville. The days escape me on a regular basis.


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