Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another Tatting Weekend

What a day!

I just got a fake ebay email. This one almost fooled me as it had the last 4 numbers of a credit card I used to have. Said I needed to update my record. But when I clicked on the link, it first went to yahoo home page,and then if I clicked again, it went to a supposed ebay site, but there was no little lock down in the corner. Furthermore, when reading ebay's security stuff, it said mail to me would be with my first and last name. This one had no name, AND, in the "to" field it said "none", so I forwarded it to - sure enough, it was a fake. You really gotta be careful.

This evening I've been working on the miser's bag which was my first project from Camp Wannatat. I don't believe the directions are wrong, but they are not clear in many places, which makes it easy to make a mistake. When I started joining my medallions, I knew I'd have to watch and make sure the chain picots were matched up. I started off right and I do have the same number of rings along the top on each side, but something was still off. The split rings across the top worked out right anyway, but I had left the opening bigger because someone in the class had pointed out that the samples showed a wider opening than the directions. I can see now that this is causing the upper part of the medallion to bunch a little . It also threw the count off for the flap but I think I was okay with that. The directions for moving on to the second and subsequent row are too vague though. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to fasten the strings to the purse - first one - and I'm lost. I can't tell exactly where to bring the first ball thread through from front to back. On the front medallion or the back medallion?

I think I've figured out a way for it to work but it's not the way the directions say.

I had a fun day at Greenfield with all the other tatters for the 3rd (?) Annual Tatting Day. We had people from Detroit, MI; South Carolina; Ohio, IL, and IN. I think there were 23-24 of us. Not bad! Georgia Seitz led the class in learning some techniques that are a step beyond basic. Nothing was new to me but I enjoyed the show and tell and talking with everyone. Actually - we did start off with how tatting was done historically, with a sewing needle. Then we used a floss holder in the way a flat shuttle would be used. The idea was for us to appreciate how this lovely lace was made in its beginnings.

Ah, a very long search turned up this finger-purse on Tatman's page. It's not called a miser's purse at all. That's why I had so much trouble finding one. This is similar to the pattern I have. I only found it at all after looking for crocheted purse and stumbling on one in which was called a "finger-purse" so that gave me a different search term.

Aacckkk! It's after midnight already! Well, I'll add a few pics from today here and then I'm off to bed.

Georgia Tatters! and more tatters Visitors from SC and locals even me.

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  1. Did I ever tell you that seeing your face makes me smile? In a good way, naturally. Like seeing an old friend unexpectedly.


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