Saturday, September 11, 2004

My Lace group met today. I got up early to make it on time and I was still 15 minutes late. For those who think I'm like the Energizer Bunny - I'm not.

Bunny Suit

I ended up taking a nap when I came home and I'm still not too perky. It's been a grueling week in many ways and I'm getting ready to travel so I feel pressured to get a lot of things done.

After the meeting and lunch, I went to Ding-A-Ling to use the gift certificate I won with my fair entry. There's a nice little sale going on there and I'm going to send the notice by email to my fellow guild members. I bought some shuttle shaped wood pieces. I'm not at all sure what I'm going to do with them but I might even go back and get more - at $.20 each! I'm thinking there has to be a way to use them for Lace Day. Lace Day will be May 7, 2005. For some reason, it seems really really close.

I bought some paintng books there too. There's really not a lot of thread there. Not for someone who likes color and variety as much as I do. Not that I need any. I was cleaning out a wicker basket that I tend to throw a lot of my tatting and other craft things into when I'm "cleaning" the living room, and I found lots of thread and beads..........from way long ago. The threads I was using in the fans I made for our last Lace Day...almost 2 years ago now. Patterns. The I.O.L.I. Membership book from 2002-2003. The Fire Mountain Gem catalog from 2003. My Dorset Bag from Palmettos was in there too, including the shuttles I was wondering about just last week.

I love a bargain!

I was in a few different Dollar Stores last night looking for a specific photo frame, which I didn't find, but I did find this pair of kissing dolls for $10! They are so precious. They even had their own doll stands. You usually have to pay at least $10 for just one doll this size and typically, it's more like $20. They are not heirloom quality, but they are nice and I like the way they look.

I was also in Hobby Lobby last night and they had all their beads 1/2 off. I know I said I didn't need any more but I did get some that are usually more expensive than what I'm willing to pay for. I really need to stop collecting and start "doing".

I have lots of rayon floss that I bought in anticipation of the fan I tatted and also the elephant. ......ummm....I do mean lots. Lots I did not even take out of the package. I didn't know how far a skein of embroidery floss would go in the tatting and I didn't want to get part way through and have to buy a skein that didn't match. Besides, I bought them at Hobby Lobby during a great sale, so it wasn't very expensive. But now, I have all this floss and it's unlikely I will tat or embroider THAT much!

Wouldn't you know it? I'm in the mood to organize my craft room but I need to get organized for my trip. I'm really looking forward to Camp Wannatat. This may be my only opportunity to go. I have no idea who else will be there but all tatters are wonderful so it doesn't really matter. I don't know what to take. I always take too too much and since I'm flying and then driving, I really don't want to haul around too much. I'm going to Portland for a day or so afterwards. Then - when I get back, the following weekend is Tatting Day with Heirloom Corner's Kaye Judt and Jennifer Titus at Zig-Zag Quilt Shop. I hear Georgia will be there, so that will be fun. The first online tatting class is tomorrow night too. I tested the link today - now, if I can just remember to tune in at the right time!

Well, back to trip organizing.


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