Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Off to Montana!

I printed out all my travel directions today and made a few phone calls. It was a busy day at work which made it slightly stressful but along about 3:00 pm, everything slowed down and I was caught up. Except I grabbed someone else's food from the fridge when I thought I got my own cheese cubes (cringe) but my son will return the bag tomorrow and I emailed the secretary to warn her that I stole someone's food!

I'm nearly all packed - just those last few things after you are dressed to leave are left. I wasn't sure what to bring for tatting. I decided to bring several different kinds of thread so others could try them out. Also packed lots of beads and other "different" things to play with. Taking some of my own tatting and some vintage stuff I have. I also brought along a few books that have projects I'm finding challenging or have in the past, so I dropped them instead of pursuing them further. One is a Japanese book which had a bag in it that I wanted to tat, but the pictures don't show a diagram for the bottom. I also brought a few old favorites plus the pattern I wrote out for the butterfly collar which I haven't tried to go any further on. I'm also going to pick their brains for ideas for Lace Days to help in planning our own, although.....at our last meeting, we ended up with so many ideas that we're going to have to weed them out.

I've either packed too much or not enough. I know there isn't room for much more so I won't be doing any souvenir shopping, unless it's very small stuff........oh, like beads and thread and shuttles. Dang....tatting is such an easy target for shopping!

I had the hearts finished and blocked so I got them in the frame last night for my co-worker. I took it to work today for another person to take to the wedding which is Saturday.

It was too large to scan with both mats and the frame and I was lazy so I just scanned it with the smaller mat. The second one is a similar color but with just enough contrast to make it noticable. I wanted to use a soft green mat for the larger one and even bought one, but the frame is a bit odd-sized and it wouldn't fit so I used the mat that came with it. I tacked the hearts down with the same thread they were tatted with. I was glad there was enough space between them and the glass that they didn't touch, but it didn't hold them in place either so I had to find another way to position them. I hope they like them. I may have to make some for myself. I think I said that before, several posts back. I think it's time to get to bed!



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