Saturday, February 05, 2005


This little celtic heart from Ruth Perry's book is the 2nd one I made this week. It's a quick tat - takes as much time to weave it as to tat it.

This evening I got back to the Dalia motif I'm tatting from Iris Niebach's book Fantasia. I'm using a size 20 manuela variegated thread for this one. Not sure yet if I'll go with the 4 motifs together to make a square doily or stop at one. I had something else in mind but forgot to make the extra long picot where I wanted it, but that's okay.

I got 3 spools of King Tut thread from SewThankful the other day, plus a spool of quilting/piecing thread as an added bonus. This Dalia motif in that fine thread would be very delicate looking.

The latest Anna magazine arrived earlier this week but it does not have any tatting this time. I've barely had time to look at it. They featured some beaded jewelry but did a very poor job of it compared to any of the beaded jewelry magazines you can buy. Very simple pieces but there was nothing outstanding about them ....or even interesting, IMO.

I got all the Stitch n Sew magazines I won on ebay early in the week too. I now have all the patterns to the Umbrella Bouquet quilt series and probably 8-10 other issues. Lots of Myrtle Hamilton's tatting in those however.

I was button shopping last night, which was probably a bit insane since I already have about a zillion really cool ones already. We're having a button exchange on the list and I thought I'd just see what was out there........wasn't even the good button place.....can't say what I found or I'll spoil it for my partner.

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