Sunday, February 20, 2005


I wrote too soon....Sheridan's lampshade trim was not complete. Isn't this gorgeous?

Our Button Exchange was due to be sent out last Friday. Jane was really on the ball - she sent mine even before that! The flower brooch is a sneak preview. Lovely, isn't it? I finished my project for her today, but President's Day is tomorrow so the PO won't be open. I think that's why I had the deadline on Friday. sigh......entirely too much going on. I'll post it once she gets it.

Today is my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Linda! Chompy

I've got a tatted quilt block to get busy on too. The problem with having these projects that go to others is that I can't write about them until they receive them! Not that I've gotten much tatting done.....

I say that - and then go hunt down the bits and pieces that I was playing with this week as I tried to decide what to tat for Jane. None of these made it past the idea stage. The flower is from Mary Maynard's Rings of Flowers. The fish were smile-makers from Abby. I had a little trouble with that bottom fin. The egg is another from Tatted Easter Eggs tatted in King Tut thread. The teensy circle is another sample of the King Tut thread. So I did tat.

I think I know what I'm going to do for the tatted quilt block - but hey, can't tell ya! It will be a challenge!

And in the meantime, I gotta get ready to introduce cluny looms to my tatting guild next weekend. Somewhere along the line, I need to do my taxes. I just remembered today to put the new sticker on my license plate. My son borrowed my car and I suddenly remembered (while he was gone, of course) that I hadn't put the new sticker on and I didn't know if the old one expired on the 15th or the 28th. It's not til the 28th, but I put it on once he got home.

hmmm....well, I gotta meet some other people online at 9:00 and I'm getting itchy to try this quilt idea out.....


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