Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Way too busy!

Georgia put out a call for heart patterns - so a list could be compiled before Valentine's Day. I got out my Netted Hearts....designed in my earlier tatting days. It was actually a stab at the mignonette stitch. Anyway, the earlier versions were a bit embarrassing so I reworked the first one....still not entirely happy with it.

Gale Marshall has the instructions on her site.

I finally got one motif done from Tatting Fantasia by Iris Niebach. I'm debating on whether to add more. I like the swirly effect (Dalia, page 18) when they are joined together....but what will I do with it? I might do another version in a smaller thread with colors that go in my living room or office and then frame it. I love the colors in this Manuela thread - which I believe is discontinued, but it doesn't really go with anything in my house -yet. What better reason to decorate?

I see Iris uses this same "design" for the edging Lauro on page 23. I like the blocks as a design element here. She shows a couple of pictures - one in solid color and another using different colors which produces a different effect. The diagram shows which shuttle to use to get the two-color impact. There is also a circular motif using these same design principles of block tatting in combination with rings - she's taken this same element and adapted it for different shapes, so I think the book is a nice study of design elements too. LOL! Reading the section headings, it says Doilies, Hexagons, Squares, Edging....guess that says it all. Well...I didn't intend to make this a book review, but while I'm at it, the directions are in English and ...uh, showing my ignorance here...whatever that other language is. German? Diagrams are also in color with stitch count and starting point.

I found this motif as I was looking through my tatting books for something. I can't remember where I got the directions from. I rather like it. It looks like something from Konior.


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