Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The safety geek in me cringes at the idea of fabric being near a heat source like this, but the tatting is lovely and it's a beautiful effect. It's very possible it's not truly fabric or that it is treated in a way to resist flammability.

I've had more than one person ask me about the pattern source for the Christmas trees. Those are from Susan Fuller's A Potpourri of Tatted Patterns which is currently out of print. Last I heard, she was going to reprint it, but so far I haven't seen it. So if you are lucky enough to come across a copy somewhere, grab it up!

I've been busy at work and at home, packing and repacking. I just repacked my clothes, getting just short of ruthless! I had told myself I would only take a few days' worth of clothes, either buying new or washing what I brought, so I wouldn't have so much luggage ....and end up with room to bring home what I buy. I probably took out about half of what I originally packed. NOW - if I can do the same with my tatting!

I don't think I'll be seeing as many tatters as I thought so no need to bring show and tell stuff. Part of the fun is buying new supplies in a new place, so that's another reason to severely limit what I take. I have 2, maybe 3 projects lined up to take with me. One will be on the plane and I'm sure I'll be sick of it by the time I get there. One is a design I'm working on and one is an edging I want to make as a gift. Should be simple enough to pack, right? Besides, I'm visiting with friends also...if I'm going to hole up tatting, I might as well stay home.

Everything gets incredibly busy when you don't want it to be. My boss is in the process of hiring a new secretary...and he interviewed several last week - this week, in fact in the next 3 days, he is doing 2nd interviews and we are invited to participate. ARRGGGGGhhhhh....I want to, but I don't have time. Spent the afternoon at a farm inspection - came back smelling like a hog. Phew! I'm leaving early on Thursday, to meet with a friend briefly and then take care of last minute details...like money. LOL! I'm taking one cat to one son's house tomorrow night and another cat to another son Thursday night. Plus their mail....it still keeps showing up here.

Got everyone's Secret Santa partner out.....already everyone is getting excited about what to make/give.

Oh...I forgot....I got a new Tatting Goddess tshirt! This one is short sleeved and in a dark teal color. Yep, taking it with me Down Under. This is the one with the shuttle embroidered on it. And that reminds me.....I've been meaning to ask my son-in-law if he knows how to digitize a graphic for sewing machine embroidery. I think the Goddess needs to expand. LOL!

Did you know they have a Target and a Kmart store in the city I'm going to? LOL! I've already googled them and got addresses. No hairdryer where I'm staying and I'm not going to take mine plus a converter. Easier to buy a cheapie there and leave it with my friend. Who shaves his head. LOL! But his housemates will use it or he can give it away.

I don't know if I'll have time to write here again before I leave - probably - but if I don't, I know I'll hit the internet cafe at least once in Brisbane.

In the meantime, tat on!


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