Sunday, October 23, 2005

Well.....only a week here and I've purchased probably 20 balls of thread and several packages of beads, a few fine crochet hooks, and a few shuttles.

I've been gone quite a bit but I do tat in the evenings to relax after a long day of visiting and sightseeing. Today is a quiet day - laundry, errands, groceries. I've also been tatting the mignonette bag from Phase 2 of T.A.T. I felt I would need the practice after the other one I had done. The first attempt was too late at night and I realized after the second round that I'd made a fatal I started again the next morning while waiting for my friend to show up. I'm about halfway done now and it's going nicely. After reading the directions more thoroughly, I think the design trim will be easy enough so I feel more comfortable about it now. This was only going to be a practice piece, but it may well be my finished item for the segment.

I bought some silver bangles here in Brisbane my 2nd day here....immediately tatted a clover "edging" into a circle to fit. There are 50 bangles to the package - and I bought some gold ones a few days later!

Well, off to finish my errands!


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