Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Shuttle Shop has rennovated their site. Their shuttle locket is as unique as their shuttles. I'd like to get one eventually.

Here's my rendition of Ruth Perry's Celtic Pumpkin, which looks suspiciously like an orange strawberry. LOL! I couldn't get it woven right with the leaf already attached, so I made the chain and wove it and then tatted the leaves onto it. It turned out waaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than I expected. The scan is BIGGER than lifesize.

So anyway, if you are looking for some Autumn related ideas, besides Halloween stuff, You might also try Heidi Sunday's pumpkin vine edging. I've put this on a tea towel - very nice.

I'm surprised no one has designed a pilgrim yet. There are a few turkeys out there. Autumn leaves. An Autumn Bookmark by Sherry Townsend. A needle tatted pumpkin by Sherry Matthews. Squirrels and acorns are in some pattern books. I've never been a big Halloween fan but if you want Halloween patterns, just google "tatted halloween". Gillian Buchanan at BellaOnline has a whole list of links to online patterns for the season.

Well....I'm off to finish something before it gets too late!


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