Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We decided to go with this simple trefoil from Rebecca Jones Complete Book of Tatting, page 47, figure 119. Except we've done numerous variations on it, using beads and changing the stitch count. It fits a small 1" ball. You can buy a used copy of the book at abe.com.

We'll also offer the zigzag one for those who already tat and then for the REALLY ambitious, we'll send them to Terry the Tatter's webpage.

The details are done for my trip. All I have to do now is pack. It's a little late for give-aways, but I might manage something. Tomorrow night after work I'm meeting someone to help them with their tatting. She is new to it and wants to make a snowflake for someone by Christmas. So I'm off to find an easy snowflake.

I know Rebecca Jones' book is considered the Bible of tatters but I've used it very little. Yep, looking through it now I see very little I've tatted from the book. But what I realize is that I buy books for the patterns, not the techniques. All the techniques I've learned have been from the online class or at workshops or Georgia's book Tatting Talk,Book Six of the Ribbonwinner Series.

And all the other great ones....sorry, I look for the patterns. Can't say I've read anything else. Maybe I'm missing something?


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