Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I bought a new purse at Walmart during my lunch hour. The one I bought in Australia and loved so much is disintegrating. I know it wasn't the best quality - but it had pockets in all the right places and held everything perfectly. I was considering sewing one with the same dimensions but I doubt that I'll get to it anytime soon. The summery beige number I bought today is BULGING. Clearly, I need to downsize somewhere.

No, there is NO tatting in there so it's not a question of making a decision on that. I carry a 15 x 20 inch canvas tote for my tatting. Everywhere.

I don't think I really need that clutch billfold. In the process of transferring stuff from one purse to another, I found an edging I started last week. Ooooops!

I'm crocheting a shawl now. RED! I'll wait until I get into the pattern stitch before I show it. This isn't the one I was doing before. That one is an official UFO waiting to be pulled back into a skein. I'll have to do some intensive study to figure out what I did wrong on that one before I'll try it again. This is also not for the Feast - which can be neither red nor crocheted to be period correct.

I crocheted a heart motif for a sachet last week and finished it Sunday night. As I finished up the LAST half of the LAST round, I could see where I messed up way back on round 3 or 4. I kept thinking something didn't lay right. Now I know. sigh.....it should have been obvious...guess I have too much on my mind. So now you know why I'm not tatting bunches and bunches! Crocheting or knitting is a breeze to rip out. I used to hate it, thinking of all that work going to waste. That was before I learned to tat and understood what sheer torture picking out tatting was. There is no RIP OUT in tatting. It's half stitch by half stitch. Most of the time it's easier to cut the offending part off and attach a new thread, but if it's not very far back OR you're running low on thread, you un-tat. I'm just a little reluctant to do anything special right now for that reason.

The County Fair is coming up. All I have is samples from classes to enter and I will definitely enter them just so there is something in that category.

Later...oh, well I HAVE to tat now. Carol Amich's celtic eagle pattern arrived today. I will try to get to it before the evening is over!


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