Sunday, June 04, 2006

I spent all of Saturday in Chicago listening to inspirational speaker Esther Hicks. My views on religion and such are probably considered unconventional by some and uncomfortable by others. I have no interest in trying to pursuade anyone about anything but I've been studying this material or line of thinking for 40+ years. It's bound to come out now and then. Anyway, I had a great time and lots of food for thought. This was my 4th workshop.

My oldest son and a friend were out this morning way, way too early to cut up the Maple tree that fell in the last major storm. I'm getting driveway stone next week. Going out to set my tomato plants and plant the rest of the garden when I'm done here. I've spent 3 hours making up samples and a worksheet about tatting with beads for my new tatters. I even found a few methods I hadn't tried yet. I also have to work on my Romanian Point Lace project for next weekend.

On my way home I stopped at a convenience store yesterday that I was in a few weeks ago and got this Gypsy Doll. I fell in love with her then but wanted to check online and see if I could find something similar. No luck. This one has been there awhile, I think. The rubber bands holding the bubble wrap on were dried up or disintigrating. I'll definitely change her jewelry. It's all cheap plastic stuff. She needs real shoes. And I'd like her blouse to have handmade lace on it.'s yet another UFO but at least it looks good as is.

To my delight, when I got home yesterday, Martha's book had arrived! I wasn't expecting it until she returned from Palmettos. OH....hey, everyone's off having fun there, aren't they?

Well, I better get out in the garden so I can tat later!


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