Sunday, June 25, 2006

I redesigned my RPL teapot. I like this one much better. It could still use some improvement, but I probably won't do anything further with it for now.

I've been sorting through my clothes today. During a heat wave, I got all of my summer clothes out, but we had a cold blast right after that so I still had some winter things upstairs. I also knew I had way too many clothes taking up space that I wasn't wearing so I went through everything in my drawers and closet. Changed my sheets, started laundry. I plan to paint the bathroom next weekend over the holiday so I'd like to get a lot of other stuff out of the way. I'm also pre-treating some clothes that had spots on them. Got a nice little pile for never ends.

I helped a friend with her packing in Indy yesterday. She's moving from an already small efficiency size apartment to an even smaller one and watching her ruthlessly discard things she has had for years and years was motivating. I've lived here 29 years. I'm going to have to be more than ruthless. LOL! I don't need to get rid of that much stuff but it's made me very aware of all the things that I don't use and don't need so why do I still have them? the interest of continung my momentum....that's it for now!


  1. VicInMich9:54 AM

    I love your site, I am a tatter who wants to improve and your site is inspiring. Thanks for your resources and pictures!

  2. Thank you! I love to pass on what I've found.
    :-) Gina


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