Saturday, June 24, 2006

The tatting books I ordered from Toni Storer came last night! I've barely had time to look through them. I took them to tatting guild today for everyone to look over too. The first two books are $20 AUD and the smaller third one is $15 AUD. Contact Toni at tatters_rule at (change "at" to @ and remove the extra spaces) to pay at Paypal and arrange for shipping. I can't say when I'll get to tat from them. I'm so far behind now that I don't even make a list! LOL! I love the bluebells and I'll probably try at least one Christmas ornament before Christmas.

Here's the fob we made today at Tatting Guild in Greenfield. No, Kaye's pattern is not yet available. It was a challenge. I've never done stacked rings before. I had to leave before I was completely done but as I waited in the car for my friend to show up for lunch at a restaurant, I finished off the ends which was way easy!


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