Friday, June 09, 2006

Want to learn Japanese Embroidery? This is quite fascinating! Or Armenian Embroidery? I was looking for specific ergonomic tools having to do with needlecrafts when I found these. Also lots of neat projects here at the Embroider's Guild online. And SHISHA!This is a beautiful form of folk embroidery embellishment from Russia and Central Asia.

Gourd art There are numerous gourd tutorials at this site. Check out her galleries - beautiful work there. I even found some teapot gourds! This particular piece is a candle holder but there are drums and vases and birdhouses. The site is one in a gourd webring so I imagine you could find all kinds of good information there. I still have a whole bunch of gourds that I grew ...ummmm...not sure how many years ago now...but I'm pretty sure I can still paint on them or better yet....add lace. My friend Bette showed me a gourd she bought somewhere with needlelace covering the outside of it. You can tat with anything so you could tat sinew or wire if you wanted to make sure it would hold up in the elements.

A hand quilting thread by Coates in a color I haven't seen before - I'm not sure which number is the color: Art. V62V Y L 887. Here's the butterfly edging I'm trying out with it! It's interesting to see that the tireder I got, the looser the middle of the butterfly became. It's turning into some vivid jewel-like colors.

Okay, I came up with a practice template for the Romanian Point Lace. One book said to use single count canvas and iron interfacing over it because the grid would still show beneath. I opted to use a plastic canvas and forget the interfacing. The problem with plastic canvas is that even permanent markers tend to wear off fairly soon.

Blogger kept having problems over the past few days so this is the first opportunity I've had to publish.

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  1. I love following your tatting Gina.
    Thanks for the link on Gourds. Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll rope in the kids and give it a try.
    wishing you good health and cheer Bhavani


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