Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A "delphinium" from Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers becomes a Christmas or Evergreen tree with green metallic embroidery floss.

And upside down.....I think it might almost look like a dagger if done in gold and black. I may have to try that later - will check my shuttle leavings. One of the big rings looks a bit lumpy and I could tell it was going that way at the time but it was late.

I didn't really intend to tat so many hearts! This is a pattern I found while cleaning out that box at the weekend. It was a pattern in the Heartland Lace Guild newsletter that had been donated by Dorcas Newkirk. It says it is a tatted version of Eva Baumgartner's Bobbinlace heart found in Pillowtalk #51 - February 2003. It was in my lace guild's collection.

It went quite well until I joined to the long picots. The picture from the original shows the picots nicely crossed. I somehow twisted my first picot and then the last one somehow caught the picot before it too in the join. So now I have to make another one! This time I will pull the picots through each other because they will lay better that way and be more visible AND I'll make sure nothing is twisted or caught elsewhere. Yes, I could cut out the bad parts and re-tat but I like to keep my mistakes to help me remember the next time what not to do. I'm also feeling a powerful desire to put some beads in there somewhere and maybe even cross some more picots!

I used a picot gauge for the picots, the required length, but I wonder if they shouldn't be just a smidgeon longer? I believe this is a Flora thread, size 50. Very nice to work with - but I haven't found the ball to that one either. I can't imagine where all this missing thread is! Oh...I do remember something that might have some thread in it......

Great practice for split rings, btw. There is only one ring that is not a split ring!

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  1. Eva's heart
    Glue one of your odd jewellery bits over the oops! :-)

    Sue H


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