Monday, January 01, 2007

I want to set the tone for the rest of the year by going on a rampage of appreciation. I keep most of my rampages private, but for today, about tatting, it will be public.

I love tatting.
I love that I have a talent for tatting.
I love knowing so many other talented and passionate tatters.
I love being able to track all my projects here, with easy texting and graphics.
I love my shuttles.
Isn't it wonderful to have so many threads and beads to pick from?
Isn't it wonderful to have so many patterns and designs easily available these days?
I love finding ways to use my tatting on projects.
I love giving tatting as a gift.
I love receiving not only tatting, but any handmade lace, as a gift.
I love the process of developing a new design.
I especially love it when the plan comes together.
I love the feel of my wooden shuttles.
I love the ease with which I tat with my clovers. I love it that they are so cheap.
I love all the new tatting blogs and websites.
I love that I have a job and the time to play with tatting and other creative crafts.
I love looking around and seeing lace everywhere.
I love the challenge of a new technique or design.
I love all my friends who encourage me and permit me to encourage them.
I love finding new embellishments to go with my tatting.

* * * * * * *

Sunday I received a holiday gift from Bette. A bobbin lace heart, silver, trimmed in purple! Isn't it beautiful? I might even be able to hang a little goddess charm from the center.

On top of that, she gave me this wonderful glass teapot with flowering tea! It's called a dancing leaves teapot, by Numi Flowering Tea. I've never heard of such a of course, we had to try it out. This one is Flower Jewel, a hand picked white tea crowned by a bright pink amaranth flower. It has a jasmine scent to it. The leaves are handstitched down and then when steeped in the hot water, the leaves open up "blossoming". You can get 2-3 brews out of each one. It really is quite fascinating! I brewed the last time for this one after Bette left and then strained it and put it in the fridge for later. You can get the flowering teas at and I imagine I might enjoy using the pot for my forte teas too. You can see them at Forte Tea. Isn't tea enchanting? I'll have to do a rampage of appreciation on teas too!


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