Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Puzzle Piece Cookie Cutter!

So far, I only see available from the UK.

Last night I started the next element in the bonnet. I believe the pattern I'm using now is from a book edited by Rita Weiss but I'm not sure since I don't have it with me. I was looking at 2 different books besides the Emmy Liebert one. I believe the row after this is where the crown breaks away from the sides. This is size 60 thread, not size 50. It's kind of fiddly right now, making sure I join in the correct loops and picots of the blossom. Once I get past this, it should be smoother going.

Yesterday, during my lunch hour, I started LaRae's Tat-Chat heart. This pattern has been around for ages, but I've never tatted it. I had no books with me and wanted to try out this quilting thread by Coats so I went online and looked for something easy. I have other spools in other colors but wanted to see how the color played out with this. I had a lot of trouble getting it to show up on the scanner - it kept graying out so I put a piece of white paper right over it.

Look what I got from my sister! LOL! I still haven't read the actual story but the author points out the details that make each monkey have its own character - the shape of the ears, how much white/brown makes up the mouth, whether the red mouth turns up or down, embroidered, button or googly eyes, how firmly stuffed they are. Made me itch to sew some up - but I didn't!

I sorted through some more jewels last night. These are mostly earrings with clip or screw-on backs. I don't like the orange beads in the bell-shaped ones and wonder if I can take them out and put something else more to my liking in their place? The gold ones with the white beads could turn into lovely angels. The round white button shape can be painted on. The rose with the leaf might work better as embellishment on a crazy quilt. I have 2 of them so I can play.

Some of the stuff I decide to keep and wear. This lovely pewter butterfly, for instance. It's missing a head bead, but I can fix that. The others stones look like my birthstone so I think I'll wear it. I left it in a jewelry cleaner overnight and took it out this morning along with another very long chain that has shuttle shapes all along it in plain silver. I thought of leaves at first but they are flat and plain - a perfect size for engraving something short and adding as a charm to something. Or it could be left as the necklace it is. Decisions, Decisions!


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