Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hearts, Hearts,and more Hearts! The first in a series of tatting improvement skills for my lace guild started last Monday night. We tatted LaRae's TatChat heart...started it anyway. I knew they probably wouldn't get it done. I finished it in 1 1/2 hours the night before with several interuptions, but these are people who tat sporadically so it takes longer. Especially when you have to retro-tat (or frog as some people say). I liked that this has a chain that looks like a ring. That was a surprise for them. Next week I'll show them how to do the last join so they can avoid the dreaded twisted picot. Their homework is to tat up to that point and to string beads for next week's project which is the same heart with beads. I can show them how to add beads 3 ways with one motif.

My bobbinlace heart is included in this trio. Finished it Saturday - my 2nd one - the 1st one had a twist wrong on the edge and came undone. It was such a pretty yellow linen thread too. I also made a 3rd heart last night but left it on the pillow so Bette can show me how to properly finish it off. I got impatient with the blue one. The one on the pillow does not have that hole in the bottom either. Another fine point I'll have to follow up on with Bette.

In the meantime, Wednesday I visited my fairy baby and measured her little feet to make sure the tatted baby booties will fit. I had the bonnet with me too...just to show mom and grandma. I just picked it up again the night before. I sure hope it turns out since I just committed to making it! Up until last weekend, it was just something I was thinking about, not sure if they had the christening dress or not. So I have a little over 3 weeks to finish it. And the booties. LOL! I can get most of the bonnet done at the weekend. The booties will take about 2 evenings each bootie. Not forgetting I'll be tatting hearts inbetween too!

There was a discussion last week on 2 of my lists about determining how many picots to use in designing a pattern. One of my comments is that I don't like to tat patterns with lots and lots of picots, like 1 ds, p, 1ds, (10 times!) so I'm sure some will be see all the teensy flowers on this bonnet. LOL! Maybe that's why I said it. But it's balanced out too. The next row will be a double row of plain rings and then the frilly part again and then the plain part and ending with the frilly part.

Sue Hanson sent me this link for Megan Mills' craft page. The baby cake made of baby essentials is perfect for a baby shower, but she also has some crochet and knitting tutorials as well as several patterns. I have never made a tea cozy. I wonder if there are any small enough for my tea-for-ones? The pot is big enough to hold water for almost 2 cups of tea but I notice it gets cold before I'm ready for the 2nd cup. Microwave takes care of that, but a tea cozy just seems like such a delightful thing to make! Check out her bowl covers too. I'm tempted to tat something along the same line!

Learn how to make just about anything at For instance, beads from plastic bottles! might not want to direct your kids to this site on their own. I don't think you'd want them making some of this stuff. You have to look through it.

One Christmas I made some cool origami things (boots, rings, wreath) for the grandkids - who were so hyped on getting money that they unfolded in mere seconds what had taken me hours to put together! LOL! I still think it's neat to make cool stuff from money. Maybe I'll make a shirt and put it in their birthday cards this year. A few years older now....maybe they'll wait until they spend it before they unfold it.


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