Friday, January 12, 2007

If I were taking part in the 25 Motif Challenge, I would be halfway there this month alone.

This heart is done in size 20 manuela and I made sure I lined the picots up and pulled them through each other. The directions don't say to but I thought it might look better. The first one still twists and I think it is the way the 1st join is made in coming down the hump, so maybe I need to try to do the foldover join although it gets really confusing at that point because you already have to do some twisting and folding. I blocked this one too which makes the interwoven picots more visible. Oh...well, looking at the close-up (click on pic) I can't see where the picot is twisted but I know it is!

Now, if you were scrapbooking, you could put pics of 2 sweeties in each half of the heart.

This is really a quick heart to make - in less than an hour. might take someone new to split rings longer.

Did you know there are 2 trillion methods of feeding laces through the typical 6 pairs of eyelets on the average shoe?
You can see 31 of them on Ian's Shoelace Site.
He also has links for lacing shoes with lugs instead of eyelets! He's got shoelace polls, shoelace tips, shoelace length factors - well, let's face it - anything you want to know about shoelaces.


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