Thursday, January 04, 2007

When I was looking for a simple pattern to test the glacé quilt thread, I found these text patterns from a link in the pattern surfer. There are 10 tatted patterns and not a single photo so I've challenged myself to tat them and post, so we know what they look like!

A few weeks ago I had a wellness screening over in the Nursing building and complained to the nurse practitioner about my fingertips splitting - again. She asked me if I knew about the liquid bandage stuff and I said yes, I'd had good luck with Band-Aid's liquid bandaid. You have to add the liquid to the treated end of the stick and the combination creates a substance that fills in the crack and seals it. I told her Nexcare didn't work for me and she agreed way faster than I expected. I've used coat after coat and let it thicken and it just doesn't stay on for me, not even for an hour. The Band-Aid stuff does, but it turns black and looks gross. So she told me to use super glue. She said they use it especially with diabetic patients who have trouble with cuts and scratches healing up. So I bought some the other day. Yesterday, I let a drop fall on a split on my thumb. Have to be careful not to touch anything else before it dries, but it's perfect! 24 hours later, it has sort of chipped off (apparently my body rejects any kind of skin fix) but the thumb is much better and I just put more on. does not turn black! It's not as flexible as the Band-Aid fix, which is probably why is sort of chipped off, but it stays there and seals it off and that's what it takes to heal up. By tomorrow, it will be fine! The superglue was a 3 pack for $2.99, so I have one at home and one at work and one to spare - way cheaper than the other stuff.

I finished LaRae's Tat-Chat heart during lunch today. (started this post yesterday) It's much prettier completed than when it is in progress. In this thread, it measures just a hair shy of 2 1/2" square. (6.35 cm) I didn't take much care with the picots...they are longer than I normally make.

I started the tatted angel from the text pattern mentioned above. I haven't made the body part which is done by winding thread, but I tatted hair and wings and I'm already confused. The instructions say the wing is made in 3 individual parts. So do I tat 3 of the instructions and put them together for one wing? Or does one complete tatting equal the 3 segments together? OR...what I did, in the end, was tat 3 repeats, joining them in rows on top of each other. This is why I like a photo! Once I make the body, it might give a better idea of how big the wings are supposed to be.


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