Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here is one of the items offered in my Cafepress storefront. I used a scan of my gingerbread boy pattern and have it put on several items there. I plan to get this one for my great-grandson in blue. I haven't looked at the storefront in ages. I should update it.

Here's a mug with the Tatting Goddess logo on it available on another storefront. There are lots of other things you can get too, like the tote bag which is quite large. I wish it had pockets though. Since Cafepress has added new items, I might see if they have another tote bag.
I know there are smaller ones, but I like this big one. I've had it over a year now and washed it a time or two. I also have t-shirts and a sweatshirt that I wear from time to time. I've got a framed tile that I put up on my wall in the craft room and another tile that I put my glass or cup on when I'm on the computer. Yeah...I'm kinda full of myself, I guess. LOL!

When I was housesitting for my friend Paula, I noticed she had towels attached to potholders and the loop fastened onto a button. I really like that better than the crocheted ones I used to make so when I was at Walmart last, I bought a cheepie $5 pack of towels and potholders which just happened to be a good color for my kitchen. They are so easy to sew! Just stitch down the middle of the potholder onto the middle of the towel that is folded to just the right width and then sew a button on. Today I found out Paula bought hers, but I'll betcha she paid a whole lot more for hers than I did mine! Plus...I have 2 extra towels and a hand mitt to boot.

The mask so far. I'm having trouble visualizing how it's going to look. I'm not real pleased with how it's gone so far, but I know it will look different off the white basting cloth. I wish I'd used a different color than white as the background because I can't see the how the white filling looks. Maybe I should put this on a black base when the stitching is done. The orange triangles took a lot longer than I expected. I don't know how to make wheels yet but this might be the time to learn.


  1. Great ideas with the towel and the potholders. I think I am going to make some myself - am in need to replace the current potholders.

  2. You definitely don't look old enough to have a great-grandson!

    My grandma makes similar potholder towels, only she puts the potholder at an angle and then puts velcro in the two top corners to hang it by!

  3. I really enjoyed seeing your projects. And thanks for the towel/potholder idea!


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