Sunday, April 01, 2007

I did get to some tatting this evening. I was trying to make a bookmark from Mary Konior's everlasting leaves pattern. I made a mistake on the first strip so it curves a bit. I don't know if I'll keep going as is and hope the 2nd strip pulls it into shape or if I'll cut it out and retat. It's an experiment and I'm not sure where I'm going with it. I sort of thought of going in the opposite direction with the 2nd strip too. Might get to that tomorrow. I stitched one teensy area on the RPL mask and will probably work on that instead.

And here is THE Yellow Bag again! I finally got a lining done for it and added a black ribbon. I had crocheted a yellow cord but it fit so snugly that it didn't slide easily which is important when you open and close the bag. It's going in the Lace Day raffle.

I received a comment from Aklima from a post about Lace Day 2 years ago. Aklima asked how to do this - I believe she means tatting - but did not give me an email to contact her at. The comments come to me anonymously so I can't reply except on here and the comment was for a post 2 years old so it won't show on this post. Aklima, if you will email me again and give your email address in the message, I can respond to you. Or click over at the right where it says "Email Tatting Goddess" and it will automatically open a window to email in.

And in reply to Maggie Ann, I love the old patterns. I have a huge collection of the old Needlecrafts from the early 1900's. I've been trying to transcribe the patterns when I have time but the print is so tiny and the pages so fragile. The antique pattern library rarely has the whole issue scanned. People tend to scan only the tatting or only the crocheting but they have tons of wonderful patterns. I would like to see the whole issue preserved. Unfortunately, it is such a huge size which does not fit on the scanner that it's unlikely it will be scanned unless it is by a professional firm that specializes in those sizes.

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  1. Your yellow bag is VERY beautiful! I found a really interesting link today...I don't know if they have tatting booklets for sale but I wouldn't be surprised one bit. They have compliled a large selection of vintage pattern books the like of which I've never seen! Hope you go visit when you have time. And yes, my 1906 Ladies Home Jounal is really large too, but full of needlework that looks really complicated.


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