Saturday, April 14, 2007

I think I've made this snowflake before - in a much bigger thread. This time I kept thinking that if I tat it again, I should join that long chain about 2/3rd down. There is always one length that wants to turn. On the white one, I cut & tied after the center ring as instructed because it seemed easier than doing the split ring and then tatting a chain from there. I've done it before, but thought it might look neater not to....I don't think it made any difference. The pattern is from Dreams of Lace. I desperately wanted to tat something the other day and didn't have any books with me so I pulled this off the web. Then last night, I tatted the blue variegated version and added the picot near the bottom part of the chain and joined as I went around. The pattern calls for 7 points which I missed for some reason on the white one and made it 8 points. On the blue one, I also used 2 shuttles and made the last picot on the central ring a mock picot and climbed out that way. It saved hiding ends there. I wasn't sure how it would look ending there with a chain joining in, but it was okay. Not as fiddly as other things I've done.

I have an antique edging that I've started too, but I'm not sure where the print-out is for me to continue with it. Everytime I look at it attached to the shuttle, I want to work on it...but I have to find the printout first!

The long-awaited Lace Day is over! More later, but here is the purple lucite shuttle that I bought! I didn't even see them until Carolyn pointed them out to me. The Lacemaker had them from Lacis.
As you can see, it's bigger than a Clover. I already slice my hands up with the Clover point....I wonder how I'll do with this one?

I bought a few balls of thread and a few bobbinlace supplies for down the road, but I didn't really buy a lot. I still managed to spend over $70. How does that happen?

It was really good to see lots of friends again and to meet new ones. I didn't get a picture of it (I didn't manage to get ANY pics myself) but Carol Amich brought this fabulous tatted bat mask! AND a tatted bat necklace. She was wearing the dragon one. I hope someone got a picture of it and if not, then Carol better post one! There is a similar necklace on her blog but the ones she was wearing and showing were fantastic! Great combination of thread and beads - I think you really have to see it in person to appreciate it.

Mary Harris was showing a baby bonnet she tatted - what a lucky baby! Several ladies were knitting and a few were doing some bobbinlace. I met Dorcas Newkirk whose split ring heart enchanted me a few months ago. She showed me a photo of a fiddle she designed and tatted which is also 3D. Beautiful design! A couple of ladies from Illinois, Denise and Diane, paid me lovely compliments on my blog, but the first thing I noticed about them when they arrived were the beautiful knitted shawls they each wore. I've been looking at lace shawls to knit lately, ever since Sheridan posted her beautiful shawl onlist a week or so ago.

The masks were phenomenal! I know there were lots of pics taken of those so as soon as I have a copy, I'll post it here. We played Lace Jeopardy again. It really is a fun game but we probably need a bigger pool of questions or contestants need to study more. LOL! All in all, everything went well, in spite of competing with other local events and in spite of the weather. By the time we left, blowing rain had turned to sleet and then to snow. I wish everyone a safe journey home.

Tomorrow is the tatted paisley workshop with Kaye Judt.


  1. Very nice snowflakes.
    I tend to slice my hands up with the clover shuttles too...especially when they are brand new. I think it is because the way the pic is curved up.

  2. Hi Sherry!
    That plastic edge is razor sharp out of the mold. A swipe with an emery board helps, but I like the fine point sharpness when it comes to picking a stitch apart. Once I've used it awhile, it wears down naturally. (oh, does that mean I do a lot of unpicking?)

    :-) Gina


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