Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My sister stopped by on Lace Day and took some photos of the exhibit. There is really a lot of talent here. Several members made 2 masks - it was so much fun...and addictive. I wasn't happy with the way my Romanian Point Lace mask was going so I didn't finish it. Maybe later.

The following day we had a workshop with Kaye Judt and the project was a Paisley Box, a small oval box which featured these tatted paisleys on the lid. We were all pretty frazzled by then but I think just about everyone got the paisleys done. The project included covering the small oval cardboard box which involves a lot of cutting and gluing. I worked on attaching the paisleys to the fabric Monday night and cut out all my pieces except the parts for the box sides. I did that tonight and started putting it together. Let me tell you - glue and fabric gets messy! I had to take off my shirt and wash it by hand in the sink almost immediately. I had to recut 2 pieces of fabric because I'd measured slightly wrong. It's mostly done now, just drying. I still have to glue the inside of the box in and the felt bottom but that will be when the main part dries. I managed to get some glue on the top. I don't think it will show anywhere else, but I can see it on the top. The original has a tatted edging inside that has a paisley shape. Kaye also had a sample with the edging on the outside. I'm not sure I'll get to that point. We'll see how it looks once everything is glued in place. Now I need a paisley shuttle to put inside!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with me! Such beautiful I know mine will be something completely different.


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