Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Awards to....

Arte y Pico information
After much thought, I decided to pass the Arte y Pico on to some creative blogs that were not tatting focused. I believe strongly that creativity is inspired through many mediums and in every one of the nominees I'm noting, I've been inspired by their work and found ways to pursue those ideas with my tatting.

~ Iris Cabin - she's not the only quilter I follow and she does tat, but she is amongst the first that I found which led me to find even more blogs along this line. While she hasn't posted much in this blog lately, I know it's because she is busy overseeing another CQ blog.

~ Beadlust ~ Someone else led me to this blog and it's simply one of many that focuses on beadwork but I love blogs that are more than just the craft they are focused on. She shares freely and you can find some beautiful handwork AND scenery there.

~ Turkeyfeathers is one of favorite non-tatting blogs. For some reason, every time I go there, it takes me back to my childhood - canning, sewing, gardens....and I love to follow the links in her sidebar.

~ The Art of Wyanne I actually bought a necklace from Wyanne through Etsy and found her blog in the process...or was it the other way around? LOL! I don't remember, but I like her style, her attitude. I've been playing her videos that show how she comes up with her paintings and every time I do, I wonder how I could do something similar and include my lacework.

~ Just Be Connected And last but certainly not least, Melba from Just Be Connected who has created a place to promote and inspire creativity on all fronts. I love following the links there too and have enjoyed participating in some of the activities.

As with other disclaimers..the choice to pass the award on is entirely up to the recipient. I won't be checking up on you!
~ ~ ~ ~ tag 4 people to give us unimportant information about themselves!
~ Memé from Chile ~ I think Memé will give us a summary in English too!
~ Karey Solomon from Graceful Threads - though I know Karey is in Greenfield, IN right now for the Greenfield Tat Day this weekend and won't be able to respond just yet. Sadly, I'm missing this event but I'm sure the group will have a great time!
~ Sapna from Sapztat - looks like she just got a new shuttle!
~ Mrs. John from Tat-Tering. She looks busy!

Have fun friends!

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  1. Huge thanks for the award! I feel especially honored since I'm not a tatter (yet), although I respect and enjoy looking at it. My Mom, 4 decades ago, had a friend who was an avid tatter... I still have a birthday card with some of her tatting glued to it (a keeper). I've not heard of the Arte y Pico award previously... now I'll have to consider passing it along. What a great idea someone had!!!

    Oh, yes, and I love looking at your other awardees... I feel myself in very good company!


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