Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Surprises!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!!!! Jamie & Jenna of the Emblazon Yourself store that I mentioned a few posts ago sent me some of their buttons, including one with the Tatting Goddess logo! One of them is a magnet. They are slightly larger than a quarter, a perfect size in my mind. You can put them on hats or bags, as well as clothing. The sock monkey ones are going on the sock monkey bag I got from Gail Owens one Christmas! Look for a new blog from them pretty soon.

Can you see him? or her? Not sure which it is.

I'd only been up long enough to let the cats in and I was pouring some iced tea from a pitcher in the refrigerator when I saw it out of the window. I set down my glass and hurried off to grab my camera, slowly opening the screen door and walking out. I zoomed in and took a picture but I knew it was not a clear shot so I slowly moved to my left to get a more dead on shot, but just as I got to a good spot, it leaped and bounded off to the woods on the right. Once it got into the woods it stopped and I could still see it, so ever hopeful, I slowly walked in that direction, hoping it would mosey on over to a more open spot so I could get another shot. No dice. It took off again and this time I could hear a sound that told me it was warning the others. Oh was cool while it lasted.

My son and his fiance visited yesterday and we did some shopping for rehearsal dinner stuff. I asked Libby to pick out a pattern for the wedding hanky and she chose Mary Konior's Maids of Honor. I've got it started and am using size 50 DMC cordonnet but I'm considering going to an even smaller thread. I think it will look more delicate.

Nothing special here - just the endings of some shuttles that I started while helping the lunch hour tatting group. It's too bad I'm not doing any crazy quilting yet - this looks like something perfect for a block.

I wish I could show the rest of my weekend tatting. Some is for Jeff and some is for the online class. I volunteered to tat some samples with rick-rack. I've never been too excited about using rick-rack with tatting but I'm really liking the way these are turning out. It's the July project so you might want to tune in then if you don't already.


  1. LOL...yes, I would have to agree with the button that says, "Tatting is cheaper than therapy". The dear is very sweet looking. I love that edging by Mary Konior. It resembles so closely the black magic bookmark that is one of my favorites of her designs. It'll look lovely on her hanky.

  2. Oh those buttons are so cute and they are so right too.
    Wow having a dear just outside your door that is awesome. It look so cute and very curious.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  3. Gina, you have been awarded AND tagged. Please see my blog for details. :)

  4. Bette5:32 PM

    I think Konior's Maids of Honor will make a beautiful hanky edge.

    AND, the shuttle endings can always be stashed in the crazy quilt hope chest.

  5. Thank you Sherry and I'll get to that on Wednesday!
    Bette - absolutely...I need to start a little hope chest for the crazy quilt project!
    :-) Gina


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