Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes I am the last to know. LOL! I was surfing ebay for a change a few days ago and found these fabulous buttons and magnets at the ebay store, EMBLAZON YOURSELF! I emailed the store owner and asked if I could use a few of her photos here to let you all know about them and she graciously allowed me!

They are so inexpensive and she has tons to pick from. If you go to the store site and put in a search for tatting, you'll find a dozen designs specific to tatting. I didn't search for them but there are also buttons for bobbin lace and just about anything else you can think of. She will customize a button or magnet for you or your group. How cool is that? Maybe I should get some with the Tatting Goddess logo????

Of course, you know I just love the sock monkey ones to death! There's NINE of those to pick from! I can't wait to see the magnets either.

I found this blog, Memory Patterns, while looking at another blog. It's about sewing...a memoir of sorts. Funny how someone I don't know reflects my own life back at me. I don't remember when I stopped sewing clothes but it was sometime in the 80's. I was a good seamstress but fabric had become so expensive and ready-made so cheap that as a single parent with 4 kids, it didn't make sense to spend precious time sewing. My youngest children were boys too and once they got past the little boy stage, it was hard to sew for them. I do remember making some boxers for them in their teens that they really liked.

At the same time, I couldn't stop buying patterns. I can't tell you how many I bought to make clothes for my grandkids...okay, guess I did sew once in a blue moon. I remember making some nightgowns for my granddaughter when she was only 4 or 5. She's 15 now and I finally decided it was time to give away all those little girl frilly dress patterns. She couldn't possibly wear them now anyway!

Another bookmark from Vida Sunderman's pattern. It's just so fast and easy to make something like this and I needed it for a gift.

I'm also working on something for the July online class. I won't show it yet, but it's a nice little challenge for me. Not that I really need any more challenges, but in tatting...it's so hard to pass up!


  1. Hi Gina, Thanks for posting about the tatted buttons/magnets. I didn't know about them either.

    Your bookmark is very cute, I like how the tail is done.

    Happy Tatting!

  2. I have seen that pink tatting button before it is cute. Pretty colors on the bookmark. I like the triangular motif it's pretty.


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