Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sunela got her package so I can show what I tatted for her! Some things each recipient will get will be the same or very similar but the tatting will always be something different. I decided to experiment this time and use alpha beads in the amulet bag to spell out Sunela's name since she had just enough letters for each row. I can't tell you how many time I strung and unstrung those beads. I thought I had them facing the right way and then when I tatted one or two, something was backwards. The first name was on one shuttle and the last name on another shuttle and as it turned out, they needed to be facing opposite ways. I probably should have used a bigger thread too...this is size 30 and just a bit small for this big of a bead. I also wondered if I shouldn't have put the name in the center split rings instead...providing I used a bigger thread to begin with.

Somewhere I read that Sunela's favorite colors were turquoise, lavendar and sunflower yellow. I was going to try to make her something with those colors (remember the aborted scroll flower and vine mat from last week's post?) but I ended up using the 2 shades of aqua for this Dalia mat by Iris Niebach in Fantasia. This is my favorite motif by Iris (that I have access to anyway) and I loved the way the two colors contrasted on this. It looks large in this scan but it's probably about 5" square, like a small mat or a big coaster.

I also gave Sunela the triangular bookmark that I posted earlier.

You know, it really is so much fun doing this!


  1. Your amulet bags are so pretty! I love the two shades of turquoise together... they really make the design elements stand out!

  2. I am glad you are having fun doing the "give aways". I am havig fun watching it all! It's a very cool thing of you to do!

  3. The bag is very pretty, but that MAT is absolutely gorgeous. Those colors look so beautiful together. Nice work!

  4. I love the bag and the motif. What a lucky girl!

  5. Great work... and the colors...perfect. This is one of my favorites patterns of Iris Niebach, too. I've tought it to a lot of friends.

  6. Your turquoise mat is absolutely stunning, Gina! That's my favorite color too, and the way you've blended the two shades is so clever.


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