Sunday, June 15, 2008

June Mystery Motif

Above are the original photos from a 1925 Needlecraft. I will be using more from that issue so I don't want to name the exact one yet. Underneath the originals you can see how I tatted them and there is a slide show below of the tattings by others that were sent to me.

Something I could not quite achieve and didn't see it as pronounced in any of the others is the swirly effect in the original. There is a hint of it in some of the motifs but not as much as in the original. I knew it was there and even tried to block it in without success.

I also tatted this in two different threads but both were size 20. One was Aida, the bright blue, and the other was in Handy Hands size 20. Aida is clearly bigger than Handy Hands. The directions say to "use a thread suited to your purpose, varying from No. 15 or No. 20 crochet cotton for towel edges to No. 80 or No. 90 for handkerchiefs or other fine articles." It looks like the originals may have been tatted in a finer thread. Another place I couldn't get it to look the same was the center. My outer chain looked boxy compared to the original. Suzanne's was the only one that looked like a second ring snugged up close to the first.

I'm off to a birthday celebration of a friend's daughter and the gym and to wish happy father's day to my son and son-in-law but at some point I will rewrite the directions and post them in this same entry.


  1. Let me give this pattern a try. I have an idea on how to get that swirly effect.

  2. Very pretty. I love vintage patterns.

  3. Comment from Suzanne: It appears that the original motif swirls because of an additional reversal of the work. The purl caps of the chain segment coming back up from the lock join are pointed to the right, not the left; so both chain segments curve in the same direction. At least that is what I am seeing. I would have put this as a blog comment, but blogger simply will not allow me to comment (even though I am in the system and a particpant in several blogger blogs).

    All the best,

    Thanks Suzanne!


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