Monday, January 26, 2009

Good News, Bad News

I got home today and found this package had arrived in the mail. I was expecting it, but not for a few days yet. A lovely woman named Roganne has gifted me with the tatting shuttles and thread of her mother who passed away recently at the age of 94. Roganne herself does not tat and wanted it to go to someone who would use it. I'm honored to have been asked and I will definitely use all of this. There are tons of hankies, size 80 thread and also several spools of ecru in various sizes as well as several Boye shuttles. There are some motifs attached and the tatting looks exquisite. Roganne said her mother had always done some kind of needlecraft and also emailed me a photo of a beautiful quilted jacket her mother made. I have tremendous appreciation for this gift and will use it wisely. Thank you Roganne.

Did you notice I also said "bad news" in the header? This morning I tried to pass a group doing the tour thing of the University as I was on my way to an appointment. I stepped off the sidewalk onto the ground to go around them. My right foot landed fine but my left foot felt like it went into a hole and down I went. I walked on over to Hovde Hall for my appointment, could feel my ankle swelling as I sat there, and then walked back to the office...limped actually. Once I got there, I told my coworker that I needed to see a doctor, thinking I had a really bad sprain. It turned out to be a break, a clean break, but a break nonetheless, requiring a cast for 3 weeks and then a walking shoe and then a foot brace. I can go back to work but will probably stay home a day or two until it hurts less and I can maneuver this thing better. I needed the tatting time anyway, right? The package above arrived fortuitously.

I sent this to my sister recently and said don't you dare buy this for me! It's one of the Artful Bras done by the Quilters of SC

I got an online newsletter from JoAnn Fabrics recently which contained some guidelines for managing your fabric stash. Well...I could follow those and probably will at a later date but I also felt it was relevant for threads so with a little "find and replace" and changing a few lines, this is what I came up with for threads.

Review & Refresh It - Threads can get disheveled. Go through your stash periodically. Air it out, secure ends and group like threads together by type and color.
Donate It - Consider what threads you no longer want to keep or use and donate them to a local charity, school, community center or theater. (or tatter!)Digitize It - Before putting it away, take photos of threads to create digital samples. Create a log with the images and notes about the size, fiber content, etc.
Stack It - Try storing thread in clear stackable bins with lids. The bins keep threads dry and dust free, and you can easily see what's inside. Maybe even number them and record the numbers in your log for quick reference.
Hang It - Alternately, using thread spool hangers to store thread on a wall or in a closet.
Use It! - The best way to keep your stash tidy is to use it. For example, you can use up smaller pieces of thread by making butterflies and small blossoms.


  1. How fabulous that you got some "new" goodies to add to you tatting stash. It is sad that her Mother passed away, but I'm sure she was relieved to have found someone capable and grateful to use it!

    So sorry to hear about your fracture! I hope it heals soon! Please take care of yourself!

    That bra is hilarious!!!

  2. Oooh so sorry about your ankle! But, so happy about the tatting stash!
    And that bra is FABUOUS! You should definately get one.hahaha!

  3. Sorry to see that you hurt your leg. hope and pray that you can recover fast. Tatting could be a good medicine for you to stay at one place and take rest.

    Thank you for sharing thread organizing tips.

    Have a nice day

  4. I have always said, if you have a stash of thread you just aren't tatting fast enough. *wink*

  5. Gracious dearie, yer poor foot!

  6. Aw... Sorry to hear about your foot. I had a cast once and later a double sprang (both ankles at the same time)so I know how much they hurt. Just try to keep it high and at least you have now new "toys" to play with while nursing your foot!

    The bra is cute. Not something I would use but cute none the less. lol

  7. YIKES. That's bad news about your foot. I can feel the pain. DO take life a bit steadier - stay home for the weeeeeek and rest it.

  8. Gina, I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I do hope you are able to use this time to enjoy your creative side.

  9. Sorry I forgot to comment on the Artful Bra, it is one of the funnest things I've seen in quite some time. Gave me quite a big smile this morning.

  10. I'm so sorry to read about your break! I hope it doesn't give you too much trouble.

    Enjoy your new tatting treasures! I hope someone wants all of my goodies when I'm gone!

  11. Oh, how awful about your broken ankle! I hope it heals well and quickly!
    And how wonderful to have been blessed with such a glorious legacy. I hope that it will bring you the greatest of joy, and help to speed your healing process.
    :o) blessings

  12. Sorry to hear about your ankle- drugs help. Give yourself a few days rest before trudging back to work. I don't think you are going to run out of things to do at home. Your new stash should keep you occupied. Hope you feel better soon. Vicki

  13. ouch! sorry to hear about your accident. on the bright side, you'll get to tat with the new stash. :)

    the bras are really hilarious. would anyone wear them out? (also meant as a pun.)

  14. I'm so sorry. Get well soon!


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