Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Blog Anniversary Winner!

The winner of the January drawing for the 5 year blog anniversary of Threads of a Tatting Goddess is Diane Cademartori of Illinois!

Congratulations to Diane!!!!!

Whew! One more after this!

If you enjoyed yesterday's sampling of the butterfly round robins I was in, please go to the modern day version at http://tattingroundrobin.blogspot.com/ to see what is going on there. This one is organized by Sharon Briggs and there are instructions on the blog to get in touch with her if you are interested in participating in a RR yourself. I've got too many pots going to join in but I'll be watching it.

I got Trina's package sent off yesterday and last night started some test tatting for someone. I also need to put together the crochet classes I'm teaching my lace guild and to crochet more samples.

And then there is my roof...still waiting to be fixed. People have looked at it and my insurance company is sending me a check but it remains to be seen what the actual numbers are and when/what will be done. Fortunately it's not cold in the house.


  1. Lucky Diane!!! Love the Queen Anne's Lace photo!

  2. Ooooh I am sooo happy that Diane has won! I almost feel like it's a win for me LOL! She is a well deserving candidate....

  3. Congratulations to Diane! A sweeter person you couldn't have chosen!

  4. I am so excited, Gina! This is the third time I've won something! Last year Sherry chose my name for her Royal Diadem doily... I won her wonderful pattern. In December I won fairiebee's snowflake drawing. And now, I've won a drawing from The Tatting Goddess herself! How lucky can a girl get?


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