Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lafayette Lacers met this morning and we all brought some ideas for our "theme" for lace day which is things to put things in....something along that line. I had some of the usual bags, but I've also been working on this hanging pouch since night before last. This is the second version. I actually got the idea from the Lazy Girl Blog. She sells the pattern on her store at the same site but I have to admit I just made up my own. This fabric is too stiff and I don't like it anyway so it was a good one to "waste". I tatted the trim at the meeting but am still not sure I want to go ahead and complete it. Maybe someone somewhere will like this print.

And look who that someone is! errr....okay, a rather forced liking, as you'll find out if you go here but he's still smiling! I'm not sure that is a good sign.

I'm off to hear a symphony in about 15 minutes so the butterfly post and the handmade sampler bag post will have to wait!


  1. LOL! That is very cute! I like the tatting; it looks very cheery!

  2. Pretty bright yellow tatted trim! And I love that fabric. Your elf has excellent taste!

  3. Yep I have to agree, cheery, bright and awesome! Yep I think lep has a definite reason to 'smile' LOL!!! Looks like a great place for him!!!He can keep watch over things from there on that perch!!!


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